The Perfumers

Our Master Perfumers

Vivamor Parfums’ fragrances are crafted by some of the best master perfumers in the world today. The perfumers, working with unlimited budgets, have crafted unique high-quality fragrances aimed to gather positive attention and compliments for the wearer.

Francis Kurkdjian

Francis Kurkdjian is one of the most prolific – and acclaimed – perfumers of our time. At a very young age, Francis created Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male, which remains a global bestseller today; others include Iris Nobile for Acqua di Parma, Lanvin Rumeur, multi-award-winning Elie Saab Le Parfum, and a duo of fragrances for the Carven perfume house. Since he first began as a perfumer Francis has been taking risks, delighting our senses and winning awards. At Maison Francis Kurkdjian, he has created global best sellers such as Baccarat Rouge and Grand Soir.

For Vivamor Parfums, he has masterfully co-created Reserve Exclusif together with Jerome Di Marino.

Sidonie Lancesseur

Sidonie Lancesseur is a renowned name in the niche perfume world and has created some magical fragrances throughout her career. Some of these notable creations include Kilian Paris’ Straight to Heaven, Straight to Heaven Extreme, Black Phantom, and Frapin, amongst many others.

Lancesseur is a master of perfume, and has created a powerful creation with Vivamor Parfums namely Ultimate Aphrodisiac.

Bertrand Duchaufour

Bertrand Duchaufour’s career began in the mid-80’s at the very center of the perfume universe, Grasse, where he trained as a new employee of the Lautier Florasynth group. In the quarter-century since, Duchaufour has become renowned in the niche perfume world. His commitment to create unique sensory experiences has lead to him having a career full of triumphs and bestsellers. Some of these notable creations include Comme des Garçons’ Incense Avignon, Amouage’s Jubilation XXV, L’Artisan’s Perfumeur’s Dzongkha, Nuit de Tubereuse, Timbuktu, Vanille Absoluement, and Fleur de Liane, amongst many others.

Duchaufour is a true master of modern perfume, and has created magical creations for Vivamor Parfums namely Dark Indulgence, Cherry Prive. Creme Exquis. Vanilla Vice, Sweet Sin, Dubai Reverie, Magic Hour, Midnight Mischief and Tagomago.

Jorge Lee

Jorge Lee began his career when at Quest after which he was appointed perfumer at Givaudan France. Numerous prominent companies from diverse sectors have adopted Lee’s creations. Some of these notable creations include Nishane’s Fan Your Flames, Nishane’s Hacivat, Nishane’s Sultan Vetiver and also creations with Al Ghabra Parfums.

Lee has masterfully crafted unique creations with Vivamor Parfums namely Addiction Absolu , Aura Celeste and Tea Temptation.

Jerome Di Marino

Jerome Di Marino is an up and coming perfumer, who under the leadership of Francis Kurkdjian, has brought to market a set of unique fragrance creations. With launches with Carven, Elie Saab and others, Jerome Di Marino is providing a glimpse into his style of perfume creation.

For Vivamor Parfums, he has masterfully co-created Reserve Exclusif with Francis Kurkdjian.

Christian Carbonnel

Christian Carbonnel is a renowned name in the niche perfume world and has created some magical frargrances throughout his career. Some of these notable creations include Xerjoff’s Renaissance, Xerjoff’s Alexandria II, Sospiro’s Erba Pura, Xerjoff’s Accento, Zoologist’s Camel, amongst many others.

Carbonnel is a master of perfume, and has created powerful creations with Vivamor Parfums namely Akoya, Tobacco Supreme, Rouge Imperiale and Urbane.

Berengere Bourgarel

Berengere Bourgarel is an upcoming talented perfumer who’s energetic approach brings forth movement in her creations. She loves to create fragrances with depth, warmth and complexity that enveloping and sensual notes bring forth. Her favourite materials include fir balsam absolute, citrus, moss and leather.

Berengere has co-created Cherry Prive and Magic Hour for Vivamor Parfums.

Pierre Flores

Pierre Flores is an upcoming talent in fine fragrance and has created fragrances for many french and arabian brands including Arabian Oud, Ajmal. Nuxe, La Chenaie and Les Petits Plaisirs. 

Flores loves to work with ingredients such as tonka bean, tuberose and orientals.

Dominique Ropion

Dominique Ropion is the leading name in the perfume world with countless accolades, including the prestigious International Fragrance Prize. In addition to mega hits such as Mugler’s Alien, YSL Y, Armani Code or Portrait of a Lady and the Night from Frederic Malle, he has created many other niche classics.

Ropion is a master of perfume, and has created notable creations with Navitus Parfums namely Lyrik, The Key, Siesta Drive and Raised Spirits.

Lucas Sieuzac

Lucas Sieuzac comes from a dynasty of French perfumers and has more than 25 years’ experience and has worked at companies like Florasynth- Paris & Grasse, Créations Aromatiques and Symrise in Paris and Cosmo International Fragrances in Miami. His work has been acknowledged with a “Prix Lalique” from the Centre du Luxe et de la Creation. He has created fragrances such as Azzaro Now Man, Givenchy Play, Jil Sander Style Pastels.

Sieuzac has masterfully crafted unique creations for Navitus Parfums including Reve Nuit and Emblaze.

Julien Rasquinet

Julien Rasquinet is a renowned name in the niche perfume world creating fragrances including BDK Parfums’ Tabac Rose, Amouage Enclave, Histoires de Parfums This Is Not A Blue Bottle, Valentino Noir Absolu, and many others.

Julien Rasquinet has masterfully crafted unique creations with Navitus Parfums called Champagne Royale, Crème Imperiale, Lyrik, Eau Debonaire and Raised Spirits.

Olaf Larsen

Olaf Larsen is a senior perfumer and won the Perfumer of the Year award in Beautyworld Middle East 2021. His favourite olfactive family is orientals and he has created notable creations for major brands like Arabian Oud.

Larsen has uniquely crafted fragrances with Navitus Parfums namely Reve Nuit and Emblaze.

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